Homeless population troubles Houston neighborhood

- By day you can catch some of them panhandling asking for spare change on Almeda Genoa at 288.

During the night, those who live in the area say members of the fluctuating homeless population at the edge of Houston sleep at a homeless camp under the South Freeway.

Mariah Howell lives in the area.  She says, "I've seen on several occasions the homeless people like urinate behind the electric box over there and that's just very disgusting because there are facilities for that."

Yvonne Carter and her daughter Mariah are just some of the residents who live near by at Skyview Park. They say they're tired of the disrespect to their community by the half dozen homeless people who live under the freeway. 

Some have opted out of the downtown area for an area further south.

"We've called homeless outreach to try and give them help, and a few of them have taken help but I think it's time the city steps in and tries to help us do something about it," says Carter.

The problem in South Acres has gotten so bad, that residents in the area say they have actually gone out to pick up after the homeless residents who camp out under 288. 

Carter says, "it gets really bad over time where it's just junk like mattresses, blankets, and garbage bags full of clothes."

The struggle to keep the intersection clean has taken a toll on Mariah and Yvonne and now they want some help.

"I feel like somebody needs to do something, because it's still going on," says Howell.

In the meantime, Councilmember Michael Kubosh asked FOX 26 to provide the residents with his phone number and he would jump on the issue.

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