HISD board of trustees approves resolution asking government for security help


In front of a packed house HISD board trustees talked about what happened in Parkland, Florida.


“I want for our district to stand in solidarity with the console of great schools and also the students Broward Florida”, says board trustee Sergio Lira.


The board voted unanimously to approve a resolution asking the federal government for more action regarding school safety. The resolution says thousands of students have publicly expressed concerns.


Board President Rhonda Skillern-Jones explains what they would like to see changed. “With budget cuts and while safety and security is a priority for us but when we have dwindling dollars there is never enough to be able to do all the things that need to happen on campus. All of our campuses could benefit from shoring up we could benefit from new officers we could benefit from officers who have additional training around police shooters and we could also have additional funds around teachers and active shooting”, says Skillern-Jones.


Parents attending the meeting voiced their concerns about the safety of students and the need to have more security. Maritza Luviano, a parent, says she has been, “very worried about security every day dropping them off at school what type of security and forcing is HISD doing to protect our children”.


“We definitely need more security I mean just on Tuesday there was a strange man who manage to get onto the campus at the BCMA I mean now the security the one police officer we had he took care of the issue very fast and additional police officers came in to help with the situation but still but one man is just not enough one officer is not enough”, says Mei Descant.


The board also says they are opposed to arming teacher to protect students and schools.

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