He's crafty with recycled wood

- Good fences make good neighbors. Old fences make good furniture. Just ask a craftsman in Katy who launched his trade with fenceboards.
"I started out just with fence wood, or recycled wood, as some call it," says Tim Camacho, who markets on Facebook as Camacho Creations.
Four years ago, his carpentry work was a hobby, but he found his techniques making tables, cabinets, desks, and lawn furniture were in high demand.
"So many people wanted it, I ended up saying 'I'm going to do this full time,'" Camacho told Fox26. "God put it in my head and said this is what you're supposed to do."
Camacho Creations has been steadily growing ever since. When people see his work on Facebook, they dream something up for their own home, and Camacho brings it to life.
"If they want to stay real rustic, we'll do real rustic. All recycled wood? We can do that for cabinets, for furniture, for bathroom cabinets, as well for sinks," Camacho says. "If you want to do all new wood, we do all new wood as well."
Camacho isn't just a carpenter. He completes his projects with a paint brush, making an "old" cabinet, with brand new wood. It's something he learned as a teenager from his family's construction business.
"They'd only let me paint. They never let me do any of the cutting and building," Camacho says, cracking a smile and pointing his finger. "It's kind of turned into one of those 'I'm going to show you guys.'"
Now and he's juggling 2 to 3 projects at a time, telling customers he can have most projects completed in a week and a half. And right now he's doing all this from a temporary work space, a 10' x 20' tent.
Camacho and his wife have a dream of their own. Instead of sinking money into renting a place to live, they are staying in their RV, with his work tent a few feet away.
"We are saving for a home. It's been our mission to save everything we can," Camacho says.
So every project he builds for someone else is a building block for his family's future.

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