Heartbreak at Houston Rodeo-Thieves steal kids' animals

- Heartbreak at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo after several children had their 'show animals' stolen.  Thieves took off with an SUV and an entire trailer full of animals from a nearby motel.  So five youngsters, in town from the Dallas area, planning to put their animals on display, couldn't.  The animals they've raised for the past year were stolen from the Motel 6 on the South Loop.  "I've cried all my makeup off.  I just feel so bad," says 14 year old Rebecca Lambert who is suffering a loss after her lamb was taken.  Lambert is also riddled with guilt.  You see, she and her dad were hauling show animals for other families as well.

"I've been crying all morning.  Those three phone calls I had to make this morning probably was the worst thing I've ever had to do," explains the 14 year old.

"I just couldn't believe it.  It's a nightmare," adds Tonya Sylvester whose two sons each had a lamb stolen.

The trailer of goats and lambs was hooked to the back of a white Chevy Tahoe in the motel parking lot.  Tuesday night someone stole the SUV along with the trailer full of animals.  "It's kind of scary because I don't want the lamb to get hurt and I want it to come back," explains 9 year old Evan Sylvester who had a lamb on the stolen trailer.

"I hope someone will turn in the lambs before it's too late and they do some serious damage to the lambs and the goats," says Lambert.

Students earn scholarships showing animals at the rodeo.  Thanks to thieves that now won't happen for five kids this year.  "Insurance will pay for the truck and trailer but it's all the blood sweat and tears that's gone into these show animals," adds the 14 year old.    

"They're not only projects.  They're animals.  They're living, breathing.  We have relationships with them.  They're a part of our lives everyday," says Tonya Sylvester.

The families hope Houston police catch the crooks who drove away with a lot more than a stolen SUV.

"I just want the animals back," says Lambert.

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