Harvey victim says Astros in playoffs brings him hope

- Standing inside Chris Garcia's living room he shows us how badly his home was affected by Hurricane Harvey's torrential rain.

A nice distraction for him and his family though has been getting to see the Astros success. He says he was grateful for when his friends invited him to see game 2 of the ALDS.

"I'm a huge Astros fan and have always been since I was little so to even go to that game was fun but t was definitely a big distraction", says Garcia.

Garcia says he would have loved to have attended even a single game of the ALCS, but with a house just recently laid with drywall and still needing new flooring and furniture, he just didn't feel right spending the money.

"We still had open walls, I have no floors, we don't have a full functioning house so it was really hard to drop a couple hundred dollars knowing that I'm not even in my house completely", says Garcia.

A few things that survived the flooding, were his autographed pictures of Jeff Bagwell and Nolan Ryan. Signs of hope for him, but also a reminder to rally behind the team that has brought encouragement and happiness to him and others, once again.

"Their hashtag is earn history, so this monumental storm is part of that is part of history so if we can all just stay strong and believe in them I really think that personally we will see a game 7", days Garcia.

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