Tropical Depression Harvey 2PM update


Keeping you updated on the tropical weather that continues to develop in the Gulf of Mexico. Now a good portion of our area is under a tropical storm watch and then along our counties from Brazoria County down to the south, that's where the hurricane watch  is in effect.

Galveston County is not included,  at least at this point in the hurricane watch, but is under tropical storm surge watch.

If you are north and outside of where this area is that does not mean you're out of danger. I think we'll see rain being a huge part of this as we get into the end of the week on into the weekend.

So it's going to be a wind event possibly along the coast and rain for most of us.

Harvey, as you can see, a whole bunch of instability out there. The area of low pressure is just beginning to form in this area. So it's still not as organized yet as we expect it to be. In the next several hours to the next 24 hours, we'll start to see that circulation becoming better defined. If you also look right up here  to the south of us, there is a little area of low pressure that is spinning here. That's not a tropical area of low pressure, but what that's going to do is push a little extra moisture in our direction, giving us a chance for rain today,  maybe a little chance for rain, showers in the afternoon tomorrow.

That is not a part of Harvey. So don't be too concerned that that's the flooding rains that we think are coming. That will  be starting Friday, later on in the day, into the evening hours, on into Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Here is the reason why, as we look at the forecast. Right now the forecast keeps Harvey a tropical storm before making landfall.

It's going to be very close. It would be a very strong tropical storm with winds of 70 miles an hour just as it's making landfall. And again, it could be anywhere from Brownsville to Louisiana, to see how big the cone opens up there and also the problem  once it does make landfall,  from Saturday, Sunday, Monday, almost three days it slowly moves across southeast Texas.

That's not good news for us, because that's where we'll see a lot of heavy torrential tropical rain.

If you look at the tropical models, there are still a lot of questions because there is so many different things that can happen and whether Harvey will want turn to the left or the right. Believe it or not, there are some real good possibilities it could happen either way.  This is one of those situations we'll have to just watch very closely. It's going to be changing.

But if you live in southeast Texas, You should be taking your precautions now. The lines at the gas station are already getting long. There are people already starting to go to the stores,  but the sooner you do it, the better. Because the lines are only going to get worse. We want you to be calm. But we want you to be prepared. We'll keep you updated throughout the afternoon. 

A Storm Surge Watch has been issued for the coast of Texas from Port Mansfield to High Island. A Hurricane Watch has been issued for the coast of Texas from north of Port Mansfield to San Luis Pass. A Tropical Storm Watch has been issued for the coast of Texas from the Mouth of the Rio Grande to Port Mansfield and from north of San Luis Pass to High Island.

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