Harvey relief worker finds herself in need

- Many people have put their lives on hold to help those in Texas to recover from the flooding. One such woman is being called a hero for her dedication, despite some of her own devastating news.

Carla Waters is a veterinary technician who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and came to Houston, offering her skill to our furry friends made homeless by Hurricane Harvey.

Little did Waters know that when she left home in Jacksonville, a separate hurricane, Irma, would change her own life forever.

"I treat the sick. I do vaccines. I do X-rays. I do surgeries," says Waters.

"She's been working here nonstop. So no days off," says Michelle Sathe, PR Specialist for Best Friends Animal Society.

Waters, a single mother of three was ready for the hard work, but not ready for the phone call.

"Five days into me being here, volunteering and doing relief work, I got the phone call from my daughters," recalls Waters.

Her home of 12 years and car that she worked two years to buy had been inundated by Irma's flooding.

"When you really know you have nothing to go home to. And you don't know what...how you're going to feed your kids, how you're going to get to work. Where I'm going to lay my head. You know those are things I've never thought of before," says Waters with tears in her eyes.

And now Waters is forced to deal with the devastation that awaits her. Meanwhile, she's trying to remain focused on her mission in Houston.

"There's a lot of Harvey victims and there are so many animals that need attention and I don't want to bring attention to myself more than it is here so I'm wanting to focus on this," says Waters.

"It didn't affect her performance one bit. If anything, I think it made her more empathetic to the animals in her care," says Sathe.

Even so, it still does not change the reality Waters will soon be facing.

"I have to go right back to work. I have to. I'm a single mom of three children. I have no means," says Waters when asked if she'll be able to spend some time and start cleaning up her damaged home.

Waters also needs a car because hers is likely not going to work again after taking on so much water.

"We'll tackle this...somehow," says Waters.

"It's people like her that make the world a better place," says Sathe.

Waters will head back home on Wednesday, completing the two weeks with Best Friends Animal Society that she promised to do at NRG Arena. In addition to her three daughters, Waters also has two dogs. They were all able to evacuate safely and are staying with friends, which is where Waters will be going, too.

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