Trae Tha Truth's 'Relief Gang' delivers mattresses to Harvey victims

- Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth continued his relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey victims, delivering mattresses and cleaning supplies to flood victims in Pasadena on Tuesday.

It has become a daily activity for Trae--finding the people hit hardest by the hurricane, loading up supplies, and delivering much needed help to the victims.

“We’re going out," said Trae. "We’re delivering 30 mattresses to homes...a lot of kids are sleeping on floors. A lot of elders are sleeping on floors, so we’re gonna go deliver that.”

Trae and other volunteers stopped at their first apartment of the day in Pasadena. The apartment is home to a mother and two teen daughters who have been sharing one bed after their apartment flooded more than three feet. Trae’s crew delivered three mattresses to the home.

“I think it’s wonderful, and I really thank them, because my family was really effected of it,” said the oldest daughter.

Volunteers also brought cleaning supplies and other helpful donations into the small apartment.

“The fact that they’re really appreciative—that’ll kind of gives you more power to run another hundred miles,” said Trae.

Trae Tha Truth has been running the relief effort in his hometown since the beginning. In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the rapper was spotted on a boat rescuing people from the flood waters. In the days that followed, he used his own money to buy supplies and mattresses for people he would come across who were in immediate need.

“That can be a little reckless, because you’re just spending money left and right, but at the same time, it’ll all come back, man," said Trae. "At the end of the day, people need it. There’s gonna be a long term recovery effort.”

He and DJ Mr. Rogers formed Relief Gang in the weeks after Hurricane Harvey. Trae says his group of friends who helped with the relief effort looked like a gang, so the name Relief Gang stuck. As his efforts continued, donations poured in.

The mattress donations Tuesday came from Cricket Wireless. Cricket Cares volunteers accompanied Trae's group, helping with the mattress delivery. Cricket Cares also presented a check for the relief effort.

The cleaning supplies were donated by others who were anxious to help keep the momentum of Trae Tha Truth’s Relief Gang going strong.

“I understand people are grateful for us for what we do, so they come with the intent to try to give us a lot of things, but at the end of the day, if we do or we don’t (receive donations), we're here to do it, because the city needs it,” said Trae.

Trae Tha Truth has started a Go Fund Me page that has raised nearly $200,000 for Hurricane Harvey relief.

He and DJ Mr. Rogers are now working to turn Relief Gang into a 501(c)3 nonprofit that can help continue to help people long after Harvey's damage has been healed.

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