Dickinson residents still rebuilding from Harvey, fear 2018 hurricane season

- June 1 marks the first day of the 2018 hurricane season. While some people throughout the greater Houston area are bracing themselves for what may come this year, some are still fixing their damaged homes from Harvey.

In the Bayou Chantilly neighborhood in Dickinson, one of the worst hit areas during Harvey, many residents are still rebuilding and have not moved back into their homes.

For the last nine months, Lori Boydston and her family have been working every day to rebuild, after more than four feet of water flooded their home.

"It just seems like everywhere you look, there's more work," said Boydston. "The water was sitting in our house for about two and a half days."

"We have new windows in, which is a requirement," added Boydston. "We've done the sewer lines under the house. We're down finally to the sheetrock and the tile."

Boydston also said her two-story home was valued at around $140,000 before Hurricane Harvey, but that price has since depreciated significantly.

"Our biggest asset has just devalued $50,000 — that's a third of our house," said Boydston. "It's a huge hit." She also said she has already spent almost $95,000 in repairs so far and that price tag doesn't even include the furniture she has yet to buy.  

It's been a stressful process on their bodies and their wallets, so needless to say, they haven't even had time to think about what to do to prepare for the current hurricane season.

"I can't even focus on what I need to do to stabilize my house," described Boydston. "I have a new roof so that's a good thing. If any water were to come in, I think the best thing I could do is just try to clear out what I can and get it upstairs."

For now, Boydston said her family will continue construction on their home and just pray that this year, they won't have to evacuate and start over what they have worked so hard to rebuild.

The family of three has been living at a Boydston's parents house and most likely will not move back into their home until at least sometime in the fall.

Boydston added that she'll more likely be more proactive this year and adhere to any evacuation plans days ahead of any potential storm warnings.

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