Harris County chosen for census test

- "The basic methodology for the census hasn't changed since the 1970s, said U.S. Census Bureau Director John Thompson.

So why did the census bureau pick Harris and Los Angeles Counties to bring census testing into the 21st century?

They are both large metropolitan areas that are alike when it comes to language diversity vacancy rates and internet usage.

If you were one of the 225,000 households in Harris County chosen for the test, you've already gotten a notice in the mail.

"The census is very very confidential," Thompson said. "We do not share the information  with anyone."

Even though oil prices have tumbled, the greater Houston area and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area had the biggest growth in population of any other metro areas in the entire nation between July 2014 and July 2015.

"Since the 2010 census, the Chicago metropolitan area has only added about 90,000 in population versus Houston adding 736,000 in population," said Patrick Jankowski with Greater Houston Partnership.

Many people believe Houston will become the third largest city surpassing Chicago in the 2020 census.

But that's not the case census bureau officials say when you compare Harris County with Chicago's Cook County.

"It's population is 9.5 million people Houston's population is 6.6 million," said Jankowski. "We have to add another 3 million in population to overtake Chicago."

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