Hard-pressed energy workers welcome Trump's nomination of Tillerson and Perry

- In Galena Park, Texas, where lonely drilling rigs sit eager for work, word was welcome that the leader of the world's biggest energy company would soon be guiding America's global affairs.

Refinery contractor Kyle Davidson says it has the makings of a Trump-promise-kept to fellow workers who gave the tycoon their whole-hearted support.

"You see them driving around with their Trump stickers on the their buggies and in their car and on their plant trucks and all that. Some of the people even got 'em on their hard hats," said Davidson.

The nomination of ExxonMobil's Rex Tillerson CEO as Secretary of State and former Texas Governor Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy meant one thing to pipe hauler D. Clark future policies that preserve and promote good jobs in the hard pressed American Oil Patch.

"When they are not drilling for oil they don't need us. Sometimes we might get 30 hours and you know, we got families and that's not cutting it. If they can help, I'm all for it," said Clark who has seen many fellow workers laid off.

Turns out there's sound reason for that rosier outlookindustry experts believe Tillerson and Perry will make the fossil fuel business more profitable, whether it's by pushing through the Keystone-XL pipeline from Canada or trimming back costly regulations.

"A lot of the regulatory bottlenecks and procedural bottlenecks that have been put in place are going to be eliminated and so that's going to be generally favorable not just for Texas, but other parts of the oil patch," said Craig Pirrong who heads the University of Houston's Global Energy Management Institute at the Bauer College of Business.

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