Happy 110th Birthday to LIllian Cox!

-      One of the oldest Americans lives right here in the Houston area!  Lillian Cox just turned 110 years old.  After meeting her, we say she's 100 years young.  We were excited that her granddaughter, Alyson Smith, invited us to her birthday party!  It all took place at The Hamptons at Meadow Place near Stafford, where Lillian resides.  It was a celebration of her lifelong legacy, ageless beauty, and timeless elegance. 
    More than 300 people sent Lillian birthday greetings!  The cards still cover her door frame, the walls of her room, and overflow in baskets on her dresser.  Her room is decorated in one of her favorite colors, a bright happy yellow.  Lillian still likes to get dressed up and is often seen wearing bright Hawaiian prints and her favorite jewelry. "Oh yes indeed, I do like jewelry," exclaims Lillian.  Her nickname was even "Diamond Lill", which she says was a "fun name". 
    Barbara Walters featured Lillian when she turned 100.  She was still driving at the time and lived in a house on her own.  Lillian lost her only daughter years ago, but still cherishes her grandchildren, even a great-great grandchild.  It was fun to witness Lillian showing affection to the sweet baby, telling her how cute and sweet she is.     
    Lillian was married to the love her life for fifty years before becoming a widow.  "She never remarried.  My grandfather was her one and only," says Alyson.  Though she did enjoy dating later in life as a widow!   "Handsome men! I had quite a few," laughs Lillian.   Alyson confirms it.  "She loved to have gentleman friends.   They'd drive on Sundays after church and get lunch," she explains.  
    Lillian owned a dress job in Tallahassee, Florida in the 1950's and 60's.  They recreated her dress shop at her party.  She says it brings back fun memories and that the cash register was her favorite part of her store.  We all got a good laugh out of that one.  Her fun sense of humor is strong!  Music is another one of her passions.  She sang a song for us, and residents say they can hear her belting out tunes in her room. 
    It was incredibly interesting to find out what she eats and drinks.  We were picturing perhaps the perfect Mediterranean-style diet, since she has always been so healthy.  She laughed at that.  She does say it's important to drink a lot of water, and she drinks three cups of whole milk every day.  However, this was the surprising part!  She prefers to eat dessert BEFORE her meal.  She says chocolate candy is the secret to long life.  We enjoyed that comment, too!  Her grandchildren say she got by with that because she was so active, walking every day and working in the garden, until just a few years ago.  She spent lots of time grooming her six foot hydrangeas and nurturing about fifty bright camellia trees.  She says it's important to get outdoors, and she loves beautiful days.  Get up and move is her motto!  Alyson says she has definitely been blessed with good health. 
    While Lillian loves to joke around, her most sincere words of wisdom?  "Say nice things about everybody!  Think nice things," encourages Lillian.   
    Lillian was just warming up, after blowing-out the candles on her cake.  "I don't see why we couldn't have two or three birthdays in one year!  I enjoy partying," laughed Lillian.  We enjoyed meeting this amazing woman with her fun, warm, and thoughtful words of wisdom.  Her positive outlook on life sure is working.  "She has always been so good and sweet and caring, and she'd do anything for any of us at any time," smiles Alyson. 
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lillian.  You're amazing! 


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