Habitat for Humanity homes damaged by floods

- The historic floods affected some communities that had never seen high water. One such neighborhood is Harrel Park, located in northeast Houston.

Habitat for Humanity has assisted those who live in Harrel Park by helping build 111 homes. A spokesperson with the organization telling FOX 26 all 111 homes were damaged.

Miss Free is just one of hundreds of residents who experienced the flooding in Harrel Park. Miss Free, just four years ago, drove nails into the very walls she's now having to partially tear down because the water rose into her home nearly two weeks ago.

"Looked like something off the Titanic. It was all flooded. The whole entire street, couldn't see nothing but water," says Miss Free.

Now all that's seen down Laura Coppe Street pile after pile of trash, once treasure to hundreds of residents in this small Habitat community.

Miss Free says the water rose quickly. Her and her 12-year-old son waded through chest-high water as the neighborhood, not designated as a flood zone became inundated.

"And of course when we were leaving, we opened the door and it [water] rushed in," says Miss Free.

As the waters receded, Habitat for Humanity needed a flood of volunteers. David Lassetter, who just moved back to Houston after being away at school was at Miss Free's house to assist in the cleanup.

"It's sad to see such nice houses put up by these people, having to be completely mucked out and gutted, but hopefully things will be on the mend shortly, says Lassetter.

"The experience, I think mentally, is stressful for us both, but together we'll get through it," says Miss Free.

The damage estimates, according to Habitat for Humanity average to around $38,000 per home. That cost not including the belongings of those living in the homes that were damaged or destroyed by the floods.

If you would like to volunteer or donate to Habitat for Humanity, Click Here.

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