Gym owner, clients shocked by troubled half-nude teen

- It was a little before 7 a.m. when Glory Fitness owner Chris Boykins and three clients were doing cardio boxing when a teen knocked on the door and asked if he could use the restroom.

After ten minutes passed, Boykins grew concerned.

"He came out and he didn't have anything on on the bottom, so I was like, 'Hey!,' so he went back in there and I was like, 'Put something on, man!," described Boykins.

The gym customers were just as shocked.

Boykins said he felt the teen had mental issues, so he decided he should start recording the incident on his phone.

"I had to call the cops," Boykins is heard saying on the video.

The teen came out in his underwear and put on a gym shirt and shoes that did not belong to him.

"He put the shirt on right here," said Boykins. "He takes this marker and starts messing with this lock."

The teen told Boykins he was trying to get his pants out of the locker but the teen had put his jeans in the toilet.

Boykins said he kept teaching the clients while the teen spent time alone in a different section of the gym.

Boykins also said the teen told him he had fixed a power outage that didn't exist.

The police arrived and took the boy back to a facility for troubled youth.

Boykins said he knew he needed to talk to the boy in a calm voice and added that he hopes the condition of the teen will improve.

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