Great American Solar Eclipse captivates viewers in Wyoming

- The great American total solar eclipse's captivated viewers in Casper Wyoming.

First contact was made just a little after 10:22 am local time.  Totality began at 11:42 am when the moon completely covered the surface of the sun.

The last total solar eclipse from coast to coast dates back to 1918. While the next total Solar Eclipse's will fall on American soil in 2020, this eclipse is unique because it will travel from Oregon to South Carolina.

Totality lasted two minutes and 26 seconds in Casper Wyoming. Local observers say the actual shadow of the moon will come racing over the land at about 1000 mph.

As the disc of the moon continued to eclipse the sun, the sky darkened and a totality began. People took their filters off and looked with the naked eye.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science hosted this trip to Casper Wyoming. Organizers say this trip took over two years to plan. The trip quickly sold out in a matter of weeks with 237 people most of them from Houston Texas agreeing to take the trip.

Lucky for those living in Texas the next total solar eclipse's will take place in traverse Texan soil in 2024.

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