Houston grandmother fought carjacker to save her grandchildren

- A Houston grandmother says she pulled out his hair, choked him from the back seat, and tried to scratch out his eyes to save her grandchildren.

This is after 49-year-old Diane Perez says her daughter's car was carjacked in East Houston.

The family stopped at a Jack in the Box on Thursday afternoon, Diane, her daughter and her two grandchildren, a one-year-old and a 5 month old baby.

Diane says her daughter left the keys in the car because she remained in the vehicle with her two grandchildren.
She says that's when a man jumped in the car.

"I heard the door open and I turned because I thought it was her. I turned and it was some young kid, and he put the car in reverse. I said - Please sir, no."

The man ignored her warning and began driving away recklessly, that's when Diane started fighting back

"I got so upset I started pulling his hair and choking him and I grabbed his eyeballs, anything to get him to stop, that’s when he hit the pole."

The crash flipped the car four times, only 2 blocks away. The man got away but he left his phone and some blood behind.

Diane remains hospitalized but her grandchildren are fine.

HPD is investigating the case.  A spokesman says they know who the carjacker is, it's just a matter of capturing him and getting him in a line-up.

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