Grandmother gets surprise of a lifetime -- World Series tickets

Some sports fans are fair weather, but for others like Houston Astros fan Nancy Jowers, it's been a lifelong love.
"Probably since about 1969 at least," says Jowers, talking about when she first started watching the team.

The Montgomery native decided to sport a retro Astros shirt, which she says is from the 1980s, to Minute Maid Park on Sunday night. However, she also brought a poster and on that was a picture of her grandson Dustin. Two years ago, he left to join the Navy, but not without taking his grandmother to an Astros game first.

"Before he went, I said, 'You know, we got to make one more Astros game together,' and he said, 'You got it,' so we came and it was the Astros-Rangers and he likes the Rangers and I like Astros and Astros won 10 to nothing and I told him, 'Now, if somebody gets way ahead, let's don't leave, Dustin. Let's watch it till the end,' and he said, 'We will make the whole day of it, mawmaw," describes Jowers.

With Jowers being such a big fan, Dustin surprised her with two tickets to Game 5 of the World Series. His mother, Nancy's daughter in-law, called to tell her the news. Of course, she was thrilled.

"A couple of days later, he called me and said, 'Well,' and I said, 'Dustin, thank you so much,'" adds Jowers. "He said, 'You got it, she told you, huh?,' And I said, 'Ya, probably about 30 minutes after she got them," says Jowers.

When it came down to deciding which friend to take, Jowers says it was easy, longtime best bud and former softball teammate Kathleen Baker.

"You know he told me, 'Give her two tickets, she doesn't need to go alone and she can pick,' who and I said, 'Not a doubt,'" says Jowers.

"I had a death in the family and she called me up and she said hey I want you to come to the game with me so she's the sweet person, she is just the sweetest friend you could ever hope for", says Baker.

FOX 26 News asked Jowers is there was anything she would like to say to her grandson and this was her response:

"I love you Dustin so much, I loved you even before you got me tickets but I really love you now!"
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