Talking politics with Barbara Bush, 'amazing mom' banquet honoree

- There's been quite a bit of talk about some members of the long-time-Republican Bush family allegedly voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton. So what does Barbara Bush have to say about that?  I asked the former first lady about who will get her vote this presidential election.  Her answer?  I'll get to that. 

I caught up with Mrs. Bush at a luncheon where she was the guest of honor.  “Neil is not my favorite son,” the first lady joked and the crowd burst into laughter.  Who knew the former first lady is so funny?  “Marvin is very close to my favorite son. Many of you may not know who Marvin is but he’s fabulous,” she continued.

Mrs. Bush's not-quite-favorite son Neil became choked up on stage as he talked about just how amazing his mom is.  In fact, that's what brought the former first lady to the luncheon.  She's being honored by Children At Risk as a wonderful mother to her kids and to children across the country. 

“Here are great people working to solve the problem.  So I'm thrilled to be here," said Mrs. Bush. "George Bush Sr. is the greatest father that ever was and he set the example and I just went along for the most wonderful ride."

The organization Children At Risk works to improve life in every way for all kids.  Dr. Bob Sanborn, who was born to teenage parents, knows what it's like being a kid and being hungry but he also overcame the odds, becoming the Dean of Student Affairs at Rice University and now he’s the President of Children At Risk.

”For many of us who grew up in poverty, grew up with parents who didn't know how to be good parents I think it's important for us to understand parents sometimes need to be taught," explains Dr. Sanborn. "Even going into college I was no stranger to food stamps because when you're growing up poor you're doing everything possible to be successful.  I felt a lot of love from my mom.  It's all about that love you get early on.  That makes a big difference."

Dr. Sanborn understands the importance of helping those in need. For instance, he says kids from low income families hear 30 million fewer words than children from more affluent homes, setting them up for failure and to repeat the cycle of poverty.

”So the idea of reading, talking one on one, singing to your children," explains Dr. Sanborn. "The one-on-one interaction, TV doesn't count, it's all about one on one interaction. That has a statistically significant impact on the success of that child.”

FOX 26 News anchor Melissa Wilson was the host of the luncheon.  At one point, Mrs. Bush joked with me about how she'll take the stage too, only if I carry her.

So what did the former first lady have to say about the presidential election?  “Are you excited about this election season?” I ask her.  “No,” she answers and laughs.

And when I asked former first lady Barbara Bush if she wants to share with us who she's voting for she tilted her head, smiled and answered “No.” I did learn a lot about Mrs. Bush  including she clearly has excellent vision. She told me I look lovely! 

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