Fort Bend student claims 'excessive force' used in arrest

- A Willowridge High School junior is speaking out after being arrested by two Fort Bend Independent School District police officers. The incident was captured on camera and the student says police acted too aggressively.

"Two officers approached me. I didn't know what they wanted at the moment," explained Gregory Hepburn. "So as they tried to block me in, one just came out and just tried to tackle me."

The encounter was caught on camera.

"As he got me on the ground, he put his hand around my neck real tight and he just kept squeezing and I kept telling him, 'I can't breathe,'" said Hepburn.

Hepburn agreeing to share his side of the story because he says the officer, known as "the wrestler" to some students at Willowridge, was too aggressive. 

"I had ran a little bit, but I had stopped and put my hands up and I said, 'you know what I'm not going to fight,'" said Hepburn.

Hepburn is wrapping up his junior year of school at Willowridge. He says that after he was arrested, he sat in the county jail for two days until his mom was able to bail him out. He's also been suspended from school until Wednesday.

Fort Bend ISD released a statement to FOX 26 saying:

"The safety and welfare of all of our students and staff members is the highest priority in Fort Bend ISD, and our administrators and Fort Bend ISD Police Officers work together each day to ensure that our campuses provide safe and supportive learning environments for all. 

Last week, Fort Bend ISD police officers arrested a male student during dismissals at Willowridge High School.  The student interfered with the police officers as they were dealing with a disturbance between two female students and in the course of interfering, the student assaulted a school staff member and threatened to harm the staff member. As officers approached, the student ran from the officers.  When officers attempted to stop the male using verbal commands, the male continued to evade police until he was eventually taken into custody. It is regrettable the suspect did not cooperate and comply with the officers.  However, the suspect was eventually taken into custody and transported to the Fort Bend County jail on charges that include resisting arrest and terroristic threat. 

This is an ongoing investigation, and as the charges are pending, we will also add it is standard practice to review any incident where physical force is used."

"I was still going off a little bit at the mouth, but I continued to walk away and was being respectful," said Hepburn as he explained shortly after the fight between students outside of the school. He said he got involved because one of the students is a neighborhood friend.

Shortly after, Hepburn was taken into custody on charges of evading and resisting arrest and also making a terroristic threat. Those charges, Hepburn says, are not right. He also refutes other charges under his name from February that involve the unauthorized use of a vehicle.

"I was like, 'I ain't never stole a car. That's not what I do,'" said Hepburn.

And he said what was done to him by police, shouldn't be either.

"They're job is to protect us. You know, you're supposed to be trained not to hurt students, just to protect them," said Hepburn.

The officers involved in the arrest are still working as the investigation continues.

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