Flood victim apparently targeted by thieves

- A flood victim has apparently become the target of a crime, she believes, was done by the people she trusted to cleanup her home.

Yaaresi Gaeta, like so many, has dusty floors and striped walls several feet, evidence of the work done to fix what was flooded.

"I feel that they targeted me. I'm sure that they saw pictures of me and my kids on the wall. They saw that I was a single mom," says Gaeta.

Gaeta claims the hands that were supposed to help arrived on Monday, September 11. By Thursday, September 14, some things in her home were gone.

"My dining room set is missing, my TV. I see the lawn mower, the computer, my microwave, toaster, you know everything. That's when I had realized I had been robbed," says Gaeta. "Somebody knew I wasn't staying here. Somebody knew what I had, what times I wasn't going to be here."

Total Lender Services, who refused an on camera interview, occasionally works on homes for the company that leases Gaeta's house. Total Lender Services apparently contracted Master Home Solutions in San Antonio who returned none of our repeated phone calls.

"You know no one wants to take responsibility. Everyone seems to be pointing fingers at the other person," says Gaeta.

She claims eight men showed up to work on Monday, September 11. Gaeta checked on the progress of her home daily. Some unfinished worked was requested to be complete on Tuesday, but no progress had been made by Wednesday. It was that night that Gaeta's neighbors apparently heard some banging in the garage and on Thursday her stuff was gone.

"A white double cab truck reversed with a trailer in the back and that's when they saw they were putting appliances in there," says Gaeta, who spoke to her neighbors following the apparent burglary.

She says her neighbors had thought nothing of it because several homes were being repaired. Gaeta asked who the workers were from Master Home Solutions. The company apparently claimed that they were subcontracted daily and weren't working with them anymore.

"It sucks. I'm overwhelmed. I'm stressed out. And it's just me and my kids. It's hard," says Gaeta.

Gaeta did file a report with the Harris County Sheriff's Office and we are told fingerprints were taken from this house. Aside from that, she says she's not planning on moving back into this home and wants everyone dealing with the floods, especially renters, to remain vigilant when someone knocks at the door to work.

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