First Colony residents protest cracked pavement policy

- There's a spirit of rebellion building among some of the 11,000 homeowners who make up the massive First Colony Community Association.

The issue - cracks in driveway pavement and a hard HOA dictate that once flawed, the concrete pavement must be completely replaced and not patched.

"$5,000, another neighbor $6,000. This make many homeowners in this area live in horror you know," said Justin Zhang.

Zhang is both a First Colony resident and a civil engineer. He calls the HOA driveway rule onerous in a metropolitan area built on constantly shifting soil. He considers the fines assessed and legal action waged by the HOA heavy handed.

"I found that many people in this area are very scared of the HOA because the HOA will use our money to hire a lawyer to fight against us," said Zhang.

Feet away from his cracked driveway, Fox 26 asked resident Anthony Mingino how he'd vote.

"I'd vote thumbs up if they were going to fund it, but since they aren't, thumbs down because we can still get up and down the driveway with the cracks," said Mingino.

Residents contend it's hypocritical that the association demand they replace their pavement when the HOA headquarters has plenty of clear cracks in its pavement unrepaired.

Fox 26 spoke to First Colony Executive Director Cary Kelley.

"Patching looks terrible. Aesthetically, it just doesn't fit in... Our role is to enhance property values. Our board believes this standard is in the best interest of the entire community," said Kelley.

Kelly went on to say, "We understand this can be expensive. We try hard to work with owners who need time. We consider fines and legal action last resorts that are rarely used."

Justin Zhang remains unconvinced. "This will make a disaster for homeowners."

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