Father of 7th grader says his son only one punished for sexually graphic video

- To hear Tory Cotton tell it the inappropriate video a 7th grade student took of herself is old news.

“Basically everybody has the video,” Tory said.

But Tory and his father say they believe he’s the only one getting punished for it.Tory says the video has made its way to the social media site KIKK.

“A friend sent it to me, but before she sent it to me, it kept coming to my page,” Tory said.

Tory says an assistant principal accused  him of showing other students and a teacher the sexually graphic video of his classmate.

“She said I was charging people to watch the video,” Tory said.

Tory says the assistant principal told him he had two options.

“Option one, you can unlock the phone and give me the code and I can look to see what’s on here, or number two call your dad he can come and unlock it then,” Tory said.

Tory picked option number 2.

“And she told me not at this point. She couldn’t give me my phone back until she concluded her investigation,” said Tory’s dad Tony Cotton.

The investigation was apparently a quick one because Tony Cotton says he was at the school in 20 minutes and he got his phone back. He says he doesn’t understand why Tory was suspended for 2 days without school officials even verifying the video was on his locked phone.

“I do feel he was singled out of all the students there that have the video. My son is the only one that has in school suspension or got punished for it,” Cotton said.

Something Tory says he’s use to.

“I always get red flagged every time I always get picked out of the bunch,” Tory said. “So it’s nothing new.”
Klein ISD sent us this prepared statement:

“Wunderlich administrators were made aware of an inappropriate video being circulated around off campus April 1.
The investigation is on-going and all students involved will receive the appropriate discipline."

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