Fast-draw shootouts, cowboys taking over Rosenberg

- Ever see a shootout?  Well you can if you watch cowboy fast draw. the best part? Nobody gets hurt.

"We're nice here. we're a social club."

That's Guy Gist talking, the founder of Lone Star Gunslingers. The club calls the G2G range in Rosenberg home. Cowboy action shooting is the fastest growing shooting sport in the country with 50,000 participants. The quick draw aspect of it has only 4,000, but over the last year and a half, its taken off. Its been  around for 60 years.

"It was popular out West. A lot of Hollywood actors were engaged in fast draw and competed. Sammy Davis Junior was very accomplished. Clint Eastwood too." says Gist.

Cowboy Action participants dress up in period clothing.They have to use reproduction guns. It costs about a thousand buck to get started. After that all you need to do is give yourself an old-timey gunslinger nickname, even the women.

"I'm playing possum." says GingerSchwartz.

For the fast draw they use wax bullets propelled by a primer, no gunpowder. They cost about three bucks a hundred.  If you've bought ammo lately you know that's a bargain. They shoot at two foot metal disc 21-feet away hooked up to a computerized timing system. Only hits count.

"We have people here who are shooting towards a third of a second."says Gist.

11-year-old Cooper Schwartz  aka "Texas Slinger" is at about half a second.

"Is it more fun than videogames?" I asked him.

" YES SIR!" he blurts.

This being a social club they insisted I try. After a few minutes of training, I found myself squaring off against the state champion. How did I do? Lets just say it's lucky I didn't live in the wild west.

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