Family urges bartenders to watch how much alcohol is served

- “We still don’t have or daughter, our offender sits in prison and tomorrow is going to be the same thing for the people that are involved now, somebody is going to go to prison and there is going to be a family that is hurting”, says Mark Rodriguez.

It's something Rodriguez says he will never forget. His daughter was killed eight years and three months ago, after a drunk driver crashed into the car she was in. That same man, he says, was over served. “The offender that killed our daughter had been to two bars that night”, says Rodriguez.

Unfortunately the Harris County District Attorneys Office has seen too many cases like this, a reason why they are now going after not just the offenders, but those that serve them.

“We have been going through with the students and really reinforcing the fact that you have to pay attention, pulling up even yalls cases online and showing them where the real world liability is if they are not taking the job seriously”, says Brandon Hayes who is the director of education at the Texas School of bartenders and ABC Bartending School. At the school, they go over everything from recent crashes to exactly how much should be served.

“As a server, whether it’s a waiter, a server or a bartender or anyone in that position, one customer or one adult should get no more than one drink and one shot so it ends up being two drinks to a customer at a time and that is really done to see the customer between drinks to have that opportunity to cut them off”, says Hayes.

Ropdriguez says he is proud the district attorney is fighting for justice in these types of cases. “The Harris County District Attorneys Office, kudos to them for following up and trying to hold some other people responsible”, says Rodriguez.

Rodriguez founded Krysta's Karing Angels after his daughter and goes around to schools to teach children about the dangers of drinking and driving. Friday morning he and the Brookshire Fire Department, along with serveral other agencies, will be out at Royal High School to perform a drinking and driving simulation so they can see what really happens when you get behind the wheel after drinking.


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