Families along the San Jacinto river prepare for rising floodwaters

- The storms may not have been too bad in some areas but in Kingwood, they left a sopping mess in a certain neighborhood.

Families in Kingwood were dealing with about two feet of flooding outside on Thursday.

But this is not the first time this neighborhood has been up to their knees in flood waters.

“Memorial Day, we had the flooding in May, and it came in the house about four foot so we had to replace all the way to the ceiling,” said Brandon Harmon whose property was flooded by the storm.

Families around here woke up to see their driveways under murky water.

The Harmon family -- in anticipation of rising floodwaters -- spent the entire day finding and moving concrete blocks inside their house to lift their furniture

“We started moving cars, trailers, boats, our toys and the water started coming up a little faster than we thought, so we got the stuff we needed to move on the street and focused on the house, lifted furniture, cleaning stuff off the ground,” said Harmon.

One man said he was worried about his friend, so he drove into the area early Thursday and tried to warn his friend about rising floodwaters.

“I've seen this before and i knew i couldn't get back there so turned around, went back home and i called him and i told him, better start getting your stuff out and he said nah, it aint gonna come up and it did,” said Willie West.

Neighbors said it doesn't matter that it was sunny all day Thursday. Extra water will continue to spill over from upriver because of the runoff coming up north from the San Jacinto River.

“It was a very fast increase all morning until late afternoon, and as you can see it's still coming up, just a slower pace now. But we're only a few inches from the door, and it's probably going to come inside overnight,” said Harmon, gesturing to his house.

The San Jacinto River is expected to crest this weekend.

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