Families grieve after multiple fatal car jackings


It's been almost a week since 30 year old Keisha Price's life was taken, a very difficult time for family members.


"I retracted it in my mind and replaying it in my mind and the possibilities of what she thought and how she could have acted and how she could have interpreted but the thing about it is, it has happened, so we have to live with the consequences", says her brother Victor Price.


Now the family is planning her memorial service. "She was loving, she was very outgoing, she had a personality that would light up any room", says Price.


Monday, Price was with her boyfriend and his uncle when they stopped at a Valero gas station and the 11,200 block of Bissonet. Surveillance footage shows to me and pull up on bikes who then try to get inside the car, when she fought back they shot her. The suspects got away on their bikes, but have since been arrested. Jermia Guillory, 20 and D'Marquis Boone, 24, have been charged with capital murder, robbery with bodily injury and evading arrest.


"When people are gunned down at a gas station waiting for a loved one inside that's making some purchases and are murdered in cold blood, it's personal to us", says Houston police chief Art Acevedo.


On February 8th in the 5600 block of hardwood forest drive, to man fatally shot Howard Boston, 61, in his front yard and then stole his vehicle. On the 10th a victim was shot in the leg and had their car stolen in the 5300 block of West Ridgecreek.


Price says he wants whoever is responsible for these acts of violence to know that they aren't just getting away with stolen cars, they are permanently affecting a family. "Criminals they don't think about what the family aspect of it is, they just are doing these acts just because it's in the moment, sometimes in the moment that you live in you're not looking at the consequences of the actions that you're doing and how it impacts a greater cause", says Price.


Both Guillory and Boone are expected to be in the 180th court at 9:00 am Monday.


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