Equusearch founder warns of Facebook scam

Texas Equusearch founder Tim Miller is a pretty busy guy, too busy to play on a computer often.

"I don't look at Facebook very often at all. I'm not a big Facebook guy." he says.

In a way that made him the ideal kind of victim for this sort of hack. Tim had no idea anything was afoot until yesterday morning when he got a phone call from a concerned volunteer.

"One of my members called me yesterday and said, 'Tim what is going on here and everything? ' She told me, and I said 'Oh no, no, no. We can't have that. We can't have that.'"

What was going on was someone had created a fake Facebook profile and was sending out direct messages to people asking for money. A member happened to save one of the messages. Obviously, that's pretty bad. But even worse they used the picture of Tim and his daughter Laura in it. Laura was murdered. She's the reason Tim started Equusearch in the first place.

"It kind of hurt in a way because they're exploiting Laura's death for personal gain when we struggle ourselves to get to every search we can," Miller says.

Texas Equuearch has always been pretty lean financially. They don't charge to search for the lost and the missing. They rely on sponsors and donations. They don't need a scam like this during good times. But these are not good times. Hurricane Harvey wiped out a lot of their gear and that barn Tim's been working to rebuild. Tim puts the damage at about $70,000.

As for the fake page, Tim has no idea how long it was up or how much money the scammers got. It's down now, but Tim is not. Well, maybe a little.

"It's like,” he sighs. “I don't know. Once in a while you just shake your head and say 'we're living in troubled times.'"

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