Ducks take over a Pasadena neighborhood

- If they walk like ducks and quack like ducks, chances are good you can find them in someone's yard or driveway on Gamma. They are pretty cute, especially  the little ones. That's why Kunjamma Eappen admits to feeding them and giving them water from time to time.

"I have no problem with them living here. I watch them. I like to see the small babies," she says.

They love hiding in her landscaping. She says they come to avoid predators and the heat.  She's not the only one who admits to feeding them. Others in this Pasadena neighborhood do too. Not everyone is so happy to see them.

"We don't want to kill them but we don't want them here also. It's a nuisance. One to two ducks okay but they come by. They come by the bunches..."

And as if on cue, some ducks photo bomb him. He says they get run over by cars and poop everywhere. Seriously, everywhere.  But how did they get here? They come from a nearby park at Crenshaw and Burke. If you believe the sign, they actually walk. They city does occasional duck round ups, but the problem persists.

It's not that easy to round them all up, for one thing. They can fly. That makes it  hard to get them all. And if you don't get them all, they make more. It turns out ducks breed like rabbits.

We placed several calls to the city to see if anything more can be done. In the meantime, the people here will have to dodge them in their cars and pressure wash more often.

Well, at least they're cute.


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