Dozens of stolen bikes recovered in Houston

- Deputies searching for two stolen bicycles turned up dozens of them. 

An estimated $30,000 worth of stolen bicycles were recovered at a home in 1500 block of Truxillo Street in Houston, according to Harris County Constable Precinct 1 Deputy Joseph Bowden.

"We went and got a search warrant. Went over [to the home] expecting to get two bikes, and I ran into 64 bicycles there. They were just stacked everywhere," said Deputy Bowden.

He says an ad for a stolen bike for sale on Facebook eventually led him to the home. A man who lives there and identified himself as Jose Angel says he would buy the bikes at stores. He added he’s not worried about anything happening to him because he did not do anything wrong.

Ned Davis owns a business across the street and lives nearby.

"My bike was stolen a few months ago. And, I guess I was a little relieved that it wasn’t on the truck," said Davis. He adds he knows the man and his family and says it’s hard to think a neighbor stole his bike.

"They’re very nice. They’re wonderful. I know all of their children," he told FOX 26.

Deputy Bowden recommends bike owners take pictures of their bike, record the serial number, and file a report if it is stolen. He says too often people don't report the theft because they think they’ll never get their bike back.

"Precinct 1 -- were proving them wrong. We’ve been recovering a lot of stolen bicycles in the last couple of years," Deputy Bowden stated.

Anyone in the Houston area who has had a bike stolen should contact Deputy Bowden at 713-755-5200.

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