Dog thrown away in plastic bag gets second chance

- “There’s no need to just throw them away like trash,” said dog rescuer Tina Stone.

No one knows just how long this dog spent inside a plastic bag at a known dumping ground on a desolate south side street.

Keylie Sandoval and her mom noticed a plastic bag moving while they were walking down the street last Friday.

“We went home and got him some food and we came back and we fed him,” Sandoval said.

“He was very emaciated, very thin, very sad looking,” Stone said.

The mother and daughter contacted Stone who came to where he had been dumped.

Stone says she found another dog here on Friday that was dead.

She says she can’t believe someone left the dog, who now goes by Buddy, to die in a plastic bag.

“They’re pathetic people, heartless,” Stone said. “They don’t have any idea what a dog is they just consider it an animal on four legs. They’ve got feelings, they do. It’s very upsetting.”

Stone brought Buddy to BARC, the city’s animal shelter.

“He has hair loss on his back. He’s very emaciated. It’s clear he hasn’t had very many meals lately,” said Ashton Rivet with BARC.

BARC soon had a foster home for Buddy.

“Being in a shelter environment is not good for them,” Rivet said. “Emotionally, health wise we just want to get them into a home environment.”

The live release rate at BARC is currently 90 percent and BARC gives rescue groups and fosters a lot of the credit.

“The more we spread the word about the animals we have here at BARC the bigger impact we can make in our community,” Rivet said.

After hearing about Buddy’s plight Phyllis Peak decided she would be his foster.

“Just heartbreaking absolutely needed someone like me to come in as a foster and needed Tina as a rescuer,” Peak said. “He’s got a home now.”

Some 300 animals are patiently waiting at BARC for a second chance at happiness like Buddy.

“He will not ever be on the street again,” Peak said.

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