Injured doctor in mass shooting meets officer who saved his life

- The doctor shot in Houston's mass shooting two weeks ago is getting an opportunity to thank the officer who saved his life. 

"We just kind of gave a hug to each other and we sat down and talked,” explains West University Place Police Department Sergeant Allan Gomez.  

On Monday, September 26, 2016 Sgt. Gomez was headed to a call of 'gunshots fired’, protecting and serving like he has for 18 years but the sergeant soon found himself facing what he never has before. 

"You train for it but you never think it's going to actually happen to you”.  Gomez was one of several officers in a shootout with Houston Attorney Nathan Desai who suddenly and randomly opened fire on his neighbors there on Law Street early that morning. 

The trees here in West University are still scarred from gunshots and so are nine Houstonians, including Anesthesiologist Dr. Kevin Chap who was shot in the neck. 

From his hospital bed Chap explained to me how he prayed to God and soon Sgt. Gomez showed up and saved his life. 

”He put his life on the line to run across the street and get me out of there and he didn't have to do that but he did,” says Dr. Chap.
On that Monday morning Sgt. Gomez says he saw Dr. Chap fall right out in the open with nothing to shield him from flying bullets. 

"I decided I got to get to him.  I got to get to him to help him, to give him a chance,” explains Gomez.  So Sgt. Gomez left the wall where he was taking cover and ran to Dr. Chap as the gunman continued to open fire. 

Ironically, Sgt. Gomez recognized Dr. Chap as the man who's car was burglarized a week earlier.  Now that doctor was possibly dying here in the road.

"The first thing I told him was we need to get out of harm's way.  I needed to drag him, carry him and get him out of there”.  
”He had another police officer providing cover and several others laying down gunfire to keep the bad guy from shooting at him,” explains West U Place Police Chief Ken Walker. 

Walker says you'd never know the officers were from departments from all over the city. 

"Three different emergency 911 centers took all the frantic calls, dispatched three different fire departments and four different police departments and everybody got there and did exactly what they were supposed to do.

Looking at the tapes we looked at it looked like they had been practicing together for months because it worked so well” explains Chief Walker.
When the bullets stopped only the mass shooter was dead.  "It's a miracle more people were not killed or seriously injured,” adds the chief.  
Dr. Chap, home from the hospital, has now met Sgt. Gomez and they took pictures together.  “He was very grateful.  It was so good to see him doing well,” says Sgt. Gomez.
The doctor says the officer is a heaven sent hero whom he will be forever grateful.  "Ultimately I feel like that's what I was there for.  The Lord delivered me to assist him” says Gomez.

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