Did a Lamar HS coach go too far with a group of female students?

- Did a Lamar High School coach go too far?

The mother, who wants to keep her identity concealed, is angry at what she says her daughter and other female students were subjected to at Lamar.

That parent says her daughter and other female students were forced by a female coach, we're not identifying, to change in the open gym. Why?

That parent and HISD confirms it was the result of two female students being caught in the locker room making out. 

Because of that incident the school employee did not want to leave any of the female students alone in the locker room.

That parent said that revocation lasted through most of February until the coach sent out a text on February 22nd to parents saying locker room supervision concerns have been resolved.

A spokesperson for HISD acknowledges there was heavy supervision with the females to keep the girls from making out, but they went on to deny part of the parent's claim by saying the girls were allowed to change in the restroom of the gym.

However, the district issued a statement late Wednesday saying locker room supervision was instituted for the girls in February following a report of misconduct in the locker room but they did not deny the parent's original claim.

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