Defenders say Shannon Miles 'incompetent' for trial

- In the latest motion filed in court, the defense for accused killer Shannon Miles is now saying that Miles is not competent to stand trial because of his severe mental illness. About 12 days ago, Miles missed his court appearance because his competency had to be assessed. Now, Miles’ defense attorney says his team has completed its lengthy evaluation and found him unfit to stand trial.

“It's been determined that our client is definitely mentally ill. He suffers from schizophrenia and…he's incompetent to stand trial, according to our expert at this time, meeting the legal criteria,” said Anthony Osso, Shannon Miles’ defense attorney,

The defense said this comes after an extensive evaluation, which included combing through more than 1,000 pages of Miles' medical history.

They said Miles has suffered from schizophrenia for years now.

Now that this motion raising the issue of incompetency to stand trial has been filed, the defense is expecting the court to order their own independent evaluation for Miles at the jail facility.
Miles' attorney believes the independent evaluation will yield the same results as what his expert found.

“Someone who's schizophrenic is easily agitated, their thought process is disorganized, and so as I've indicated in the past, it's been literally impossible to communicate with him on a rational basis, or in a rational manner, so it makes it difficult to plan strategy, discuss evidence,” said Osso.

The defense also believes Miles was not on medication at the time of the shooting.
If the independent evaluation by the court finds differently and does assess Miles as competent, then by law, there has to be a jury trial to determine his competency.

Miles is being charged with capital murder after he was accused of killing Deputy Darren Goforth in a ruthless shooting on August 28th.

If the independent evaluation finds Shannon Miles incompetent to stand trial as well, Miles would likely head to Vernon State Hospital, where medical staff there would focus on restoring his competency so that he can stand trial.

Miles is scheduled for a court appearance on January 13, 2016.

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