Deadly shooting at east Houston McDonald's restaurant

A McDonald’s franchise owner is shot to death in an attempted robbery outside his restaurant at around 9:40 a.m. Monday on the East Freeway frontage road near Lockwood Road in east Houston. Police say Carroll Oliver, 68, was likely set up by someone who worked for him. 
Oliver walked to his vehicle on Monday morning and carried a bag full of money before he was shot and killed outside the building, FOX 26 News has learned. He was planning to make a deposit at the bank.
Customers inside the building saw someone trying to take the money from Oliver. The 68-year-old restaurant franchise owner was legally carrying a gun and grabbed his weapon but did not have the opportunity to fire it.
"The next thing you know, the man was laying on the ground dead, right in front of my face,” says one woman as she was crying.
Robbers shot and killed Oliver, a man who people say was well-loved in the community and who gave lots of love, money and support to the community.
"Very upsetting because this guy gives a lot of people jobs,” explains another woman.  
FOX 26 News met with the mother of a newborn baby who was at the McDonald's seeking a job opportunity from Oliver.

"And then, 60 seconds later, they come running inside saying the man was laying on the ground dead and I was the last person to speak to him that’s why it hurts me so bad,” the woman says as she is crying. Houston police detectives say it was likely someone Oliver was kind enough to hire was behind the 68-year-old’s murder. 

“We believe there was a timing issue here where someone advised someone else that Mr. Oliver was indeed leaving the business on the money run," explains Houston Police Detective Fil Waters. "We think there was possible involvement from someone on the inside, either a former or current employee for that matter.” 

Witnesses say a white Jeep Grand Cherokee was waiting in the parking lot for Oliver and the passenger reached out the window trying to snatch the bag of money from him. 

“Mr. Oliver was armed," adds Detective Waters. "He drew his weapon in self defense, was not able to get off any rounds. At that time the people inside the car fired first and he dropped to the ground,” 

"He’s a very genuine, warm, loving person," says Reverend John Fields. "To have something like this happen to him is a great loss for the community,”  

“He was always willing to feed and provide any services for anyone, explains Reverend James Caldwell. "You could ask Mr. Oliver for anything, 

“Mr. Oliver was always helping with community activities, helping to fund and give products to community events,” adds Fifth Ward district resident maestro Tom Jones.

“Anyone that has any information about who may have done this, get a dose of conscience and call and do the right thing," says Detective Waters. "This is all about doing what’s right. This is so wrong on so many levels. It’s a tragedy that need not have occurred.”  

The money that the thieves were after wasn’t even taken. What was stolen? The life of  a hard-working man who was a pillar in his Fifth Ward community.

"And you have some scoundrel who decides they’re going to take all of that away from him and his family," says Detective Waters. "That to me is despicable.” 

Oliver has been a McDonald’s franchise owner for 36 years and had three of the fast food restaurants. He is survived by his wife and adult children.
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