Deadly big rig crash shuts down 59 Eastex Freeway

- A deadly big rig crash shut down 59 Eastex Freeway Northbound at the North Loop this morning.  According to HPD, the 18-wheeler careened off a flyover ramp and crashed, killing the truck driver.   

An HPD spokesman said, "It's a box truck. He exited to go West on 610 on this flyover. We don't why he lost control.  The truck came off the top of the flyover and came back down on 59 North. That's when the it hit and burst into flames."

Authorities also say that they're currently in the process of insuring that the fire is put out. According to reports from the scene, there were a boxes on the freeway of vodka that came off the truck.  Traffic Authority reports it could take several hours, approximately until 2pm to clear the traffic mess. 

Traffic Authority: "As far as how traffic is affected in the area. 59 Eastex Freeway traveling northbound--all main lanes are closed.  Folks coming from Humble,  those lanes have reopened.  They were closed for about an hour, but they have reopened. Also closed is the ramp coming off 59 trying to get on to 610 the loop.  In addition,  the westbound main lanes. we understand where the box truck tumbled off of on to the main lanes."  

The cleanup process now still underway. 


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