Dayton parents say dogs terrorizing kids at new bus stop

- Some parents living on this stretch of County Road 411 say for years their kids were picked up for school at their driveway.

“My son came home one day and he said 'Mom I need to be at a different spot for the bus to pick me up If I’m not there they won’t pick me up',” said parent Shawna Griffith.

The new bus stop is some 200 yards away from the old stop, and dogs in the area, the parents say, are making the change dangerous.

“The barking, the chasing,” Griffith said. “The kids are scared to get on the bus.”

“When they walk down to get on the bus, the dogs come out they start growling and barking at them, and chase them,” said parent Kim Fergie.

“If the dogs come along, what are they supposed to do? Just let the dogs bark at them and bite them?” said parent James Griffith. “It’s a problem for me.”

“The reason for the change is so the kids can make it early for breakfast,” said Shawna Griffith.

But since the bus still drives by their house the Griffith’s say they don’t understand how the change is saving the driver that much time.

“They said they looked into it, and they gave me a call back, and said we’re not going to do nothing,” said James Griffith.

While these parents say they can understand the district’s desire to consolidate the bus stops, they say safety should come first.

“When you got somebody being chased by dogs, it’s just not right,” Griffith said.

Dayton I.S.D. sent Fox 26 this prepared statement:

“Bus routes are not designed to piuck up and deliver students at every child’s home.
In most cases bus stops are at street corners or an equal distance between residences.

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