CPS takes three kids into protective custody over a poke in the eye

- “There wasn’t any evidence of danger that’s the first thing they’ll try to present,” said attorney Jon Parchman referring to CPS.

Parchman says he’s never seen CPS so adamant to take children away from their mother when the state agency has nothing on his client Barbara Marks.

“I felt like they should be embarrassed,” Parchman said. “The county bringing a case like this to court with zero evidence of any danger to the children.”

CPS wants to terminate Marks’ parental rights over an incident involving her 11-year-old emotionally disturbed son.

“He’s been in a mental hospital twice when he was 6 and when he was 10,” Marks said.

Back on December the 12th Marks says her son threw a fit and made a mess.

“He was facing me and his back was against the closet and he dropped down and I poked him in the eye and it swelled up and then he stewed about it and called the police,” said Marks.

The cops are familiar with her son Marks says and when they arrived they told the boy to clean up the mess and listen to his mother.

“They decided and the D.A. decided they weren’t going to pursue any charges because there wasn’t an intentional act here,” said Parchman.

But in court documents CPS states Marks used inappropriate discipline by hitting the boy in the eye.

That alone as far as CPS is concerned is enough to take all three of Marks’ children into protective custody including her 13 month old daughter.

Marks will return to court in May we will of course be following this case.

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