CPS medical neglect case against Thailand couple takes a surprising turn

- It took three subpoenas and a threat from the judge before Texas Children’s Hospital turned over medical records in this case.

The reason for the hospital’s hesitation became clear in court Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s been a horror story. It’s been a nightmare,” said Keith Jett.

Jett and his wife Yubo Yu traveled from Thailand to Houston to seek medical treatment for their 18-month-old daughter Abigail.

But within 24 hours, the child abuse team at Texas Children’s Hospital came to the conclusion Jett’s wife was a victim of human trafficking and she was the reason their baby was so sick.

“Before they even get to medical neglect, they’re worried about human trafficking,” said the couple’s attorney Julie Ketterman.

The hospital contacted Child Protective Services which kept the parents and baby completely separated for two weeks.

Court testimony involving the medical records clears the parents of medical neglect.

“The finger doesn’t point at us anymore,” Jett said.

Now the finger is pointing at Texas Children’s Hospital.

“It actually showed that TCH is the one who made this little girl sicker than she had to be,” Ketterman said.

A medical expert for the parents testified the hospital prescribed the wrong antibiotic for the baby after she had a blood transfusion.

“The antibiotic specifically says not to give to people who are anemic or who are malnourished Abby was both of those,” said Ketterman.

The expert also testified the hospital performed a battery of tests and procedures that were not needed and separating mother from child could affect the baby’s future development.

“It could be months before the child recovers from that, if at all,” said attorney James Hedleston.

“She has been suffering because of the treatment in the hospital,” said Abigail’s mother.

We asked Texas Children’s Hospital for a response to today’s testimony, but the hospital declined citing patient privacy laws.

It’s not known yet if CPS plans to dismiss the case. But that agency is now allowing the parents 24/7 access to their daughter who’s expected to be released from the hospital soon.

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