Body found identified as missing Anne-Christine Johnson


The body found inside the garage of Shaun Hardy has been positively identified as that of his ex-wife Anne-Christine Johnson, the Galveston County Medical Examiner's Office has confirmed. The cause of death has not been released.

UPDATE 12:15pm, 1/3/2017: New court documents and arrest warrant reveal new details about what Shaun Philip Hardy said to detectives when Anne Christine Johnson's body was found in his garage at his home at 617 Chesterfield Lane in League City.  According to the affidavit, Hardy stated, "I threw her on the ground." He continued saying that she was bleeding from injuries sustained to her head and face after being thrown to the ground.  

"Affiant witnessed Shaun describe how Anne was laying down on her left side while Anne was facing Shaun and holding a knife blade to her chest in a manner as if she would stab herself. Affiant witnessed Shaun say he kicked the knife with his left foot and demonstrating where his shoe had a dent from kicking the knife hilt. Affiant witnessed as Shaun indicated he kicked the knife with his shoe with the intention of driving the blade into Anne’s chest. Affiant witnessed Shaun state he put a plastic Kroger bag over Anne’s head with the intent of putting Anne “out of her misery” because the knife caused her to cough and gargle. Affiant witnessed Shaun say to Aldridge that Shaun wanted to see Anne die."

Fox 26 News now has court documents from the summer of 2015 that show Anne Christine Johnson and her ex-husband John Philip Hardy filed restraining orders against each other.

On June 19th of 2015 Shaun Philip Hardy filed a protective order against his former wife, protecting him from her, as well as their son. The couple divorced on April 5th, just a few months before.

In Hardy’s affidavit he claims Johnson came over for a night of visitation with their son and that at one point after she had been drinking she would not leave and pushed him. Hardy says she picked up a hunting knife and pointed it at him and says, “she told me she could kill herself and people would think I did it”.

Hardy also says at one point Anne Christine was in a closet holding a shotgun and that the safety was engaged. He says the fun was unloaded and that she was holding it like a bat. He then goes to say he was in fear of his life and his sons life. He even says at one point Anne Christine Johnson stabbed the bed their son was asleep on. After seeing this Hardy says he responded aggressively and engaged in a physical fight with Johnson, which caused her to leave.

On the 30th of that month Anne Christine Johnson filed a protective order against Hardy. In her affidavit she says in the five years the couple was together Hardy physically hurt her, was verbally abusive and that he made threats against her. She says at one point he assaulted her with a shot gun, threatened her and choked her. Johnson also claimed the night or the argument Hardy shoved her to the ground, got a shotgun, loaded it and pointed it at her.

Johnson even says that Shaun rammed his own head into a wall and told her, “he was going to put me to sleep, put me in the bathroom and slit my wrists so that it looked like suicide”.

Fox 26 News spoke to Anne Christine Johnson's mother Stephanie who says that she was often in fear of her daughters life.

"It's been a very rough six years for me, there have been a number of incidents and issues and in fact I use to wake up every morning and check her Facebook page to make sure she was posting and that everything was okay", says Johnson.

Hardy has been arrested for allegedly murdering Johnson, that is a first degree felony murder.

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