Court documents reveal details of alleged abuse of special needs children

- Court documents can be rather dry, but the arrest and search warrants in this case read like a horror novel.

The large home on Falcon Court Creek was a virtual prison for the four children kept locked in a bug-infested room on the second floor.  According to the warrants, Paula Sinclair and Allen " Coach " Richardson were using hunger as a punishment for  the special needs children.

In an interview with investigators, one of the children told them, "We don't get to eat if someone gets out."

But there was plenty of violence as well. According to the warrants the children told the investigators about a beating administered by Richardson.

"Hector Sinclair was bleeding from his head because "Coach" hit Hector Sinclair with a broom for spilling his food."

"Coach directed the children to clean up Hector Sinclair with bleach."

But investigators learned, it wasn't always Richardson dishing it out.

"Oronde Sinclair stated mom knocked one of his teeth out, and then coach threatened to knock his other tooth out."

"Jabore'E Sinclair stated "Coach" would whoop the children with a board and 'Mom would encourage him to do it.'"

That's when the adults were home.

"The children stated they were tied up with duct tape and locked in the closet when Paula Sinclair or Coach would leave the residence... Some would start crying and would talk about the future so they wouldn't think about the pain."

While their room had a toilet,  it wasn't working. According to the warrants the kids had to make do. Investigators discovered, "Children would poop in plastic bags."

The children said they moved in there in 2015. Butt incredibly, they didn't know how long ago that really was.

"I didn't know my age because we have been sitting in the room for so long."  Oronde told investigators.

Interestingly, the children told investigators Mom was only art the house on Saturdays, begging the question “Where was she the rest of the week?”

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