Country musician among auto theft victims

- Local country singer-songwriter Max Flinn would like to know who stole his Tahoe.

It was stolen from in front of his home in a quiet tree-lined neighborhood near Montrose. It happened on May 7.

"I was in Nashville. I had just performed my first show in Nashville. I get a call from my girlfriend who was house sitting 'your car's gone,'" Flinn said.

Flinn says a neighbor down the street had his Tahoe stolen just a few months ago.

When he visited a crime report website, he discovered a number of vehicle thefts in and around his area in just the last 15 days.

Flinn says the police had no clue as to how his Tahoe was stolen.

"They did not, but the report was filed over the phone. They said 'thank you very much for the information' and I haven't heard back," said Flinn.

"I had my truck stolen out of my driveway," said Scott Anderson Jr.

Anderson and Flinn are friends.

Anderson's 2017 Ford F-250 was stolen from his Galleria-area home the same night Flinn's was stolen.

Anderson says police told him the thieves probably scammed his keyless fob.

"They can go up to your door and it can pick up the signal from your key fob, have another guy next to the car open the door and be able to drive off in two minutes," Anderson said.

This is surveillance video of a car following Anderson's truck. It appears that at least three people are involved in the theft.

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