Councilman Dwight Boykins reacts to rat infested rental homes

- "As a human it burns you out and you get frustrated when people take advantage of seniors and poor people", says Houston city councilman Dwight Boykins.

After hearing about yet another rental home allegedly infested with rats and bugs and owned by At Montalbano, he says he plans to take action.

"These are human beings living in these conditions and if you're collecting the rent and not putting money back into the property and then your response is well you can move out if you don't like it, we need to see if there are any violations or enforcements the city can put in place and we will", says councilman Boykins.

Gloria Kilpatrick lives in a rental home in the 2900 block of Sauer Street with her daughter and two children, she showed us multiple holes where she says rats come into her house.

She also says she's complained to the landlord multiple times about it and that nothing has happened.

"I have grandchild and I have kids children that would like to come over and visit and they like to spend nights with me but the rats are so bad they get in the bed with them", says Kilpatrick.

Back in February Linda Rhodes who lived just a few block away from the Kilpatrick's experienced a similar problem.

Councilman Boykins stepped in and found er a new apartment, got a local furniture company to donate to her cause and even says the owner of the home reimbursed her for a years worth of rent.

"I thought at that point he was going to turn the table and say look I want to become a better landlord for these individuals, not knowing he had 25 more units and people living in worse conditions than Ms. Rhodes", says Councilman Boykins.

The councilman says he plans on having the homes inspected next week and will try to look for new affordable places to live for these families.

Kilpatrick says the landlord came out to the property to put rat trappings under the house, but has not had an exterminator out yet.

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