Councilman angry after Houston Airport System 'private' meeting invite

- Houston City Councilman Michael Kubosh was angry.  He says, "There's no email that's sent to a council member ever that's confidential and private because we're elected officials."

Kubosh says that email was the first red flag that prevented him from attending a reception called by the Houston Airport System on December 19.

An invitation was sent to all council members. It was marked  'confidential and private' and  'Council Members Only'.

Kubosh says once you get nine members of Houston's City Council together it's a quorum. He says that's the majority needed to vote on an issue.  The councilman says if that quorum discusses city business without notifying the public, they're violating the Texas Open Meetings Act. 

"I'm not about to attend a meeting where I can be potentially charged with a crime for an opening meetings violation so I did not go," says Kubosh.

That meeting/reception, according to the email, was to discuss a company doing business with the city of Houston at Ellington Field.

The Houston Airport System sent a statement to FOX 26:

Regarding the business reception that occurred on December 19, 2016, there was never any intent to circumvent the Texas Open Meetings Act, and at no time did the reception itself represent such a violation. Further, no business was conducted during the reception.  This is not to imply that the situation was handled in an ideal fashion.  The person responsible for the inadvertent distribution of the invitation to all council members has been reminded of the proper protocol in such matters and internal measures have been established to ensure that this type of error does not occur again in the future.

"This could've been an entrapment for all of us that are elected officials to have shown up and had a quorum there. It only takes nine of us," Kubosh said.

Kubosh says someone at the Houston Airport System should lose their job for this.

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