Council Members Call Massive HERO Records Request "Intimidation, Bullying"

- Michael Kubosh is hot - outraged that he and five other members of City Council have been slapped with a sweeping public records request.

"My gift from the Mayor, a lump of coal from the Mayor, that's what I believe this is. It's intimidation and I'm calling on her to condemn this and to stop it," said Kubosh, adding "It's the six that voted no on the HERO ordinance. They are the only ones they targeted."

"We are disappointed in where this came from and we think it's vindictive," said Council member David Martin.

The request for records comes from Campaign for Accountability, a D.C. based advocacy group which says its battling LGBT discrimination.

The group is seeking all e-mails over the last year exchanged between the six council members and 51 different groups and individuals ranging from prominent pastors like Dr. Ed Young to high profile faith organizations like Catholic Charities, all of whom Campaign for Accountability claims discriminate against Gay and Transgender people.

State Senator Paul Bettencourt compared this records request to last year's ill-fated subpoena of pastor sermons by Mayor Annise Parker.

"It’s all about ignoring the will of the voters and attempting to intimidate elected officials," said Bettencourt.

In response, Campaign for Accountability says the idea that a records request constitutes harassment or intimidation is "ludicrous".

But Mayoral candidate Bill King, who drew heavy support from HERO opponents, strongly disagrees.

  "It is obviously an attempt to intimidate people from exercising their right of free speech," said King.

   "Council Member Kubosh’s comments are totally unsubstantiated," said Janice Evans, spokesperson for Mayor Parker.

Campaign For Accountability offered Fox 26 the following statement:

"The release of these records regarding a matter of immense public interest will increase public understanding and awareness of the behind the scenes efforts to oppose HERO. It is a hallmark of a democratic society that elected officials are held accountable for their actions. I Councilmen Kubosh and Martin find that principle objectionable, they should consider a new line of work."

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