Council member helps woman with rat infested home

- Monday night Linda Rhodes was crying, begging for help, living in what she calls a rat infested home. Tuesday morning after our story aired she woke up to a few knocks on her door, the first being from the home owner.

"He had the pest control come up here and put stuff up in the attic and he came and put some boxes outside for the little rats to get onto the poison and stuff like that", says Rhodes.

Ray Montalbano, the owner, also brought in a handy man to help fix up several of the holes that rats were coming through. Unfortunately after Rhodes says they still found their way inside, "When I went into the restroom to put on my eyeliner and stuff on, a little mice past right by my feet, I said Lord Jesus".

The second knock came from council member Dwight Boykins, he watched FOX 26 News and insisted on helping her. "I was really devastated when I saw it because I could relate growing up in a low income neighborhood, we didn't have rats like that but it could happen to me or anyone else so as a council member that represents that area I was really touched", says Boykins.

Boykins says he plans on finding a new place for Rhodes to live, one that doesn’t have rats inside. Regardless, Rhodes says she will still be uneasy because she doesn’t want another person to have to go through what she has. Finding rats in her kitchen, bed and bathroom. Rhodes says, “they are going to have to knock these houses down because I don't want no one to have to live in this house with no kids, no pets, no nothing".

"No human being should have to live in a condition like that, nobody", says Boykins.

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