Constable says it's time to abolish restrictions on licensed gun carriers

- Texas state law prohibits licensed gun holders from carrying their weapons in places like schools.

“I think that law-abiding citizens who are mentally fit should be able to be armed and protect themselves and others,” said Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constable Wayne Thompson. He was so heartbroken over the worst mass shooting in the history of the Lone Star State that he posted the following statement on Facebook:

It is past time to remove all restrictions on license to carry holders. Citizens that do not have a criminal history and are mentally fit should be allowed to carry and protect themselves and others including at religious buildings. God bless Texas and God bless Sutherland Springs.

What has the reaction to his post been like?

“We’ve gotten several hundred likes and everyone that’s responded has mentioned that they support that and wish to see it happen too,” said Constable Thompson. He says he is a strong supporter of constitutional carry.

He believes that if you pass a background check and you’re mentally OK, you should be able to be armed.

Constable Thompson said that he sees no negatives in abolishing the restrictions. He added that he will be meeting with state lawmakers about changing the law during the next legislative session.

“Schools, colleges, churches, religious institutions, I think the bad guys are going to go there because they think those people are comfortable, they feel safe,” explained Constable Thompson.

”We need to change that," said Constable Thompson. "We need to harden those targets, we need to make it extremely difficult for a bad guy to get that kind of violence done so quickly."

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