Conroe community accuses property owners association of stealing $2 million

- It began in May when Wayne Lewoczko and his wife Andrea Farenthold wanted to know how the money was being spent by their property owners association in April Sound.

"The unique thing about April Sound is their budget is $2.2 million so I think we're talking about some real money," Wayne said.

So Andrea fired off a records request asking for three years of bank records, the general ledger, audited financial statements, and the check register for 11 checking accounts.

"We got the $1300 invoice where it showed they spent 40 hours redacting three years of bank statements. We felt like even if we did go in and pay for that, the documents would likely be overly redacted," Andrea said.

Andrea was also able to get tax records for April Sound that left her husband, a former IRS investigator, suspicious.

The Lewoczkos and members of their community eventually sued the property owners association in Montgomery County. They demanded the records be released without redaction. 

Chris Archambault represents April Sound.

Archambault said, "I understand there might be some members of April Sound who think there might be fraudulent activities. You have to pay the estimated cost."

In the meantime, the POA sued Andrea and another homeowner in the community for defamation. It also left Andrea being accused of using the lawsuit for personal reasons.

"People think the reason we're doing this is because I didn't win a board election and that's not true," Andrea said.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit against the POA was dismissed and the countersuit by the April Sound for $17,000 in legal fees was also dismissed.  Where does that leave them?   Square one— asking for fewer records this time without the now $2,000 price tag.

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