Residents cleanup at Bridlewood Estates after Valentine's Day tornado

- Clean up continues in Rosenberg, where a Valentine’s Day tornado caused extensive damage in the Bridlewood Estates Subdivision. 

The sound of chainsaws could be heard non-stop in the neighborhood.  Heavy trucks hauling debris out of Bridlewood are just as common today as SUV’s. Yesterday’s tornado did so much destruction, clean up is far from over after that violent Valentine’s Day surprise, which was certainly sealed with a hit.  In fact, this neighborhood suffered such a blow, some still don’t know how to get back to normal.

"You just have that sinking sick feeling,” says Vicki Crown, whose home was damaged by the tornado. 

Crown has gotten a lot of work done.  Although she hasn’t yet removed the tree from her pick up truck.  "We cleaned up as much as we could. There was glass and all this sheet metal from the silo," Crown said.

Residents have certainly been keeping busy since the storm.  When they’re not cleaning, they’re making plenty of phone calls.  "I called the insurance company and they had an adjuster out this morning at 9:00 which was quick and the roofing guy came,” adds Crown. 

"Throughout the house we’ve had water coming through the ceiling, in the living area, the dining room,” explains Connie Judice, who has also been cleaning constantly since the storm stopped. 

This is all while trying to get pass the trauma of living through a tornado.  “We were very scared.  There was debris just coming through, just flowing through.  Windows were cracking and breaking.  It was just really a lot of glass flying everywhere,” says Judice.

But after her husband’s five-year battle with cancer, not even a tornado can shake them as much as that. “This is minor.  God allowed him to survive through that.  So he’ll take care of us through this," Judice said. 

Most of the homes in Bridlewood that were hit have extensive roof, water and structure damage.  Some worse than others, and some residents will have to move out of their house so it can be repaired.

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