Chip Credit Card Not Popular

- Not well. The new EMV Chip technology is supposed to be more secure than the old magnetic strip. Maybe so, but it's taking some getting used to.

Matt Schulz with said the rollout has had a few snags ."I haven't heard all that many good things either. And the main thing that I've heard is that it takes too long," he said.

That's because when you activate the chip it takes a while for it to process.  The chip creates a unique code that can only be used for that one transaction.

"That chip makes it a lot harder for bad guys to make a copy of the actual physical card," Schulz said.

The big roll out was before the holiday buying season.  But not all merchants installed the chip terminal.  And not all consumers had a credit card with a chip.

"There was definitely some confusion at checkout counter. Until it's everywhere it's going to be this weird thing that people are still getting used to.” Schulz explained.

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