Chief speaks out against proposed gun silencer bill

- Houston Police Department Chief Art Acevedo says there is no doubt that officers in Las Vegas were able to more easily find the shooter by following the sound of the gunshots. Chief Acevedo tells FOX 26 News that important method for police to pinpoint active shooters could be in jeopardy.         

”We need to push back on some of the very reckless and not common sense laws that are being proposed in Congress right now,” says Chief Acevedo as he talks about a proposed law that he says could have made the horrific shooting in Las Vegas even worse. 

“I want you to change yesterday's scenario in Las Vegas where a madman has killed 58 of our fellow Americans and go ahead and add a silencer,” adds Chief Acevedo. He is asking you to imagine a silencer on the Las Vegas shooter's gun because the chief says the sound of the gunfire likely led officers to the suspect. 

Chief Acevedo points out that Congress is considering a bill that would make it easier for more people to obtain silencers.

”I'm calling on all Americans that are responsible gun owners to weigh in, weigh in -- how do silencers help anybody except people who want to hurt us?,” asks Chief Acevedo.

The proposed bill, called the Hearing Protection Act, would eliminate the $200 tax on silencers. The purpose of it is to muffle gun blasts, making it easy on the ears for hunters.

”If we have silencers and make them readily available, we are in deep trouble,” says Chief Acevedo.

Those in favor of the bill point out there is typically a nine-month approval process to purchase a silencer.

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